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PostPosted: Tue Nov 22, 2011 1:04 pm    Post subject: KD -MSV IN HANDLING COMEDY WITH SENSE Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
There is truly a bewildering array of approaches that Kavignar and Mannar have together handled with aplomb that, I am afraid our friends may have to endure me [my writing] for times longer than I myself visualized at the start of the present exercise. I am also aware that our friends would respond with golden silence, being the ardent fans of the legend and pass safe through all such turbulence / tribulations. Yet, let me go ahead with what little I know and personally feel happy that the venture has thrown open far varied facets to keenly observe for their sheer delight .

I have titled the piece 'Handling comedy with Sense' since I feel the two have availed of the situations to bring out emotions and musical interpretations at will, in a proud display of quality that is conspicuous by absence these days in TFM.

'sondhamumillE bandhamumillE' "Hello Mr.Zamindar" GK. Venkatesh and co; What a fluent thought on the process of hair dressing, so as to render sensible philosophy through comic phrases that do not hurt any one.
Look at spots
'vaNakkam pOttu thalaiyai saikkirAr' nangaL mannarumillE mandhiri illE -sonna idaththil amarndhu koLkirAr' elsewhere would we obey anyone if we are asked to sit in a place?
'irukkum pOdhu thailam pOttu azhagu pArkkirAr , irangivittAl thirumbi pArkka veruppu koLgirAr avarE veruppu koLgirAr' a beautiful suggestion to the fate of humans losing out positions much like the fallen hair. MSV has handled a brilliant chorus portraying a a team of 4 0r 5 workmen in a saloon. One of Bongo-rich songs
'muthukkuLikka varEEhaLA' ' anubhavi rAja anubhavi"
Another feather on the duo's cap for the absolute authority of carving out a masterpiece. Kavignar has used exceptionally distinct southern coastal
dialects typical to Nellai . MSV has enforced the distinct stamp of pronouncing those dialects in the most natural native flavour that made this an instant hit along with a joyous participation of the audience when the scene rolls on the screen
Spots; 'aaLana poNNuha pAkku vekkum munname ennaveNNu solluvAha'
'akkoLAru paNNama kittE vandhu konjungO SINIMAVIL KonjarAppala'
another 'sangu parippOmA eLa eLa these are expressions that can never be imagined by anyone not familiar to the dialect. The 'life' came out from the way these dialects have been slightly stretched to the point of total identity with Nellai touch. What an MD he is to precisely capture the spirit every time with the Divine honesty.

'neeyE unakku endrum nigarAnavan' "Bale pAndiyA" TMS MS Raju

Though meant to convey a light moment on screen, the phrasings and renditions are full of nuances that can never be brushed aside lightly. There is a rich forage of sangathis that would pose a challenge to even a well -trained singer. That MS Raju handled the 'konnakkOl' component deserves appreciation for its precision while sustaining with MR Radha's crackled voice and indeed a total risk has been taken by Raju.Alas, at that time there was not even a mention of his name in print media.

'porandhAlum aambaLayA porakka koodadhu' ' policekAran magaL"
A very open song that speaks out the mind in absolute colloquial terms but registers honest ideas.
'1000 1000 aaNgaLilE, ayya unnE nenaichEnE'
'arjunan pOlE azhagirukka anumAr jadhiya pidichEnE
Through the piece MSV has used beat variations and pace variations to render the mood to perfection.

'theryAdhO nOkku' " Soorya kAnthi" ManOrama

Kavignar expresses the emotions of a brahmin lady who does not approve the common happening of platonic display in public places.
Spot: 'poojaikkAga pOravApOL aambaLa povAn angE poojai thEdi pommanAtti nEraththil varuvA' ava sAmiyakkandALA paiyan moonjiyakkandALA?'
'ava tharayil uruLuRa ivan thalaya thadavarAn and so on.
There is a hidden message of caution to parents against the gullibility of girls to getting cheated. MSV has used a seemingly carnatic asembly with right percussion punches that set the mood to launch the idea.

'thEnAtrin karaidhanilE' "uththaravindri uLLe vA" LRE
A beautiful number that has all the elements of comedy and thrill as the tune suggests a midnight horror on Nagesh especially when KD says
'AvaNi , rohiNi ashtami nEraththil suggesting Krishna avatar but frightens the man with devilish laughter backed up by vibrant wobble of 'saw' which causes a bizarre tone that unnerves any one and the long calls of n A d H A and quick repeat laughter notes of LRE portray demon at its worst. Thorough creativity is the signature of MSV in this number.

Please add your view points;
Warm regards K.Raman Camp: Navi Mumbai
Prof. K. Raman
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