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KD -MSV Songs Growing younger with times

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 25, 2011 8:52 am    Post subject: KD -MSV Songs Growing younger with times Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
There are innumerable songs of the duo which stay fresh and keep turning younger with time. This is just not my imagination and many share the same perception albeit variance in perception of the songs that we rate so. Here in , I have compiled such items fully conscious of the fact that these are only a microscopic sample of the category.

'kAangaLil avaL vasantham' ''pAva mannippu'' PBS

A song that shows immaculate precision of lyric in choice of items for adoration. 'maNippurA'' thAlAttu' 'panipOl aNaippadhil kanni' 'kaNpOl vaLarppadhil annai' are simply impeccable . MSV gave PBS a real opening with a melody where who succeeds or dominates is a moot point.

'unnai ondru kEtpEn' ''pudhiya paravai'' PS

How nicely crafted are the statements 'anbu konda nenjil anubhavam illai'
'thanimaiyil gAnam sabaiyilE mounam' vividly indicating the gap between taste and endeavour. Who else but MSV would have musically interpreted the mood with a lusty orchestration for soulful rendering where emotions surface with consummate ease and the drum -bongo percussion scaffold the mood.

'thangaradham vandhadhu' ''kalaikoil'' M.Balamuralikrishna PS

This 'abhogi' number is a true model for complex fabrication, involving dexterous notes, ably lifted by dramatic inserts of veena, tabla, strings and shehnoy and low opening of charanam lines only to pace up with oscillations subsequently. A marvel like 'markandeya'.

'manidhan enbavan deivamAgalAm' ''sumaithAngi'' PBS

Another piece where kavignar touched a new dimension then, in the sense this number was[ and is] a panacea for consoling disturbed souls -not merely minds. Every word is sewn to place with none roughing up any where even as disparate items 'paravaikkoottil' 'mAngaL', 'kadugu' 'malai' are brought to congenial co-existence. Tune-wise it was novel by polite singing with emphatic repeats as 'manam, manam' , 'guNam guNam' as a strategy of inviting solace. Another milestone in orchestration with notes appearing tobe sailing in wind from a distant land looking for their own solace! There is no later number to stand shoulders with this piece

'nALAm nALAm thiru nALAm' ''kAdhalikka nEramillai'' PBS PS

Another timeless marvel where in a cine song literary expressions 'nangai' nambi' kadhal devanin kAviyam' 'oodal' are played to scale winning accolades from every corner. As for the tune, what to say if a doyen like Mr.Subbudu were to express awe and express salutations to MSV . In its very assembly there is a repertoire of instruments which together stir the soul as much as they reveal intimacy to condition our listening pleasure.

'kaNNan vandhAn angE kaNNan vandhAn' ''Ramu'' TMS SG

Another Kavignar bonanza that deals with soothing phrases to handle situations of wreck. Naturally MSV raised the bar bringing together the two robust singers and made them tow a line to pump emotions while the orchestration all the time clings to a spiritual fervour.

'muththukkaLO kangaL' ''Nenjirukkum varai'' TMS PS

Yet another verbal display adequately interpreted by musical nuances as to ensue a debate on who was supreme. To me MSV scores over by the sheer way of preludes and ludes setting the serene mood for this song and subtleties 'virundhu' 'viraindhu' 'kaigaL mAlai AVadhenna' were indeed quite new in phrasing of cine song.

'poomAlaiyil Ore malligai' ''ooty varai uravu'' TMS PS

Also a delight that stays light to listen but hard to conceive of its plan and execution. Again the duo share supremacy in their domains and certainly one of the topnotch songs of TF history. I am bereft of words to narrate.

'maNNulagi indru dEvan ' ''punitha anthONiyAr'' V J

It is an enigma of sorts as to how KD MSV come out with pieces that share exclusive specialty that goes with divine settings typical of a religion. KD's expressions and MSV's musical notes brilliantly embrace and intertwine each other to deliver a sense of blessing from a celestial abode.

'malligai en mannan mayangum' ''dheerga sumangali''

A song full of life and vibrancy that only true creators can ever hope to create. The mesmeric quality of the number resides in its very novel assemblage of tunes and elegant play of instruments- strings and flute that take the charanam to a new plane from where VJ elegantly floats the mood to the absolute delight of the listeners. What more can we expect?

'madhana mALigaiyil' ''rAja pArt rangadurai'' TMS PS

A quasi dream number that takes us to new echelons especially by the orchestration with voice fillings where after the tune begins on a lower note to keep ascending in plane. All the time , the lyric phrases keep coming in elegant flow much like moulded for each other. This was one of those songs that invited repeat visits to theatre those days.


Warm regards K.Raman Camp: Navi Mumbai
Prof. K. Raman
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VaidyMSV & Sriram Lax

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 26, 2011 11:30 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear prof

Its true that many of their contributions are not only refreshing to us above 50 's , but also many youngsters hum and sing the old nos primarily MSVs
the re mixes are the proof , many tunes of mSV such as
thottal poo malarum
thulluvatho ilamai
ratha kadhal varaatha
engayum eppothum
are remixed .
the latest song which i hear as cell caller tune with many is kannai nambathey from nithathai mudipavan

some of the tunes that are still fresh are

a) paartha gybagam illayo
b) sollavo sugamana kathai sollavo
c) varavu yettana
d) vasanthathil ornaal
e) yentrum young - vaarayo en thozhi
f) naan ungal veetu pillai
g) oruvar meethu oruvar
h) naan paarthathiley
i) engey nimathi
j)paal vannam
k)naan thanan thani kattu raja
some of them are fro other writers .
they are still youth ful coutesy tv channels

to me personally

vaendum vaendum
engiruntho oru kural
kathal enbathu kaaviyamanaal
naan umnnai serntha selvam
pogappoga theriyum
kadavul ninaithaan
vasantha kala
manamey muruganin mayil vaganam
yamuna nathi
nallavan ennakku naney
etc etc
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