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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 10:50 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

The story Ragasuda briefed about the song is 'Vandha naal mudal'. This information is available in MSV interview which he gave in the year 1962 in 'Pesum Padam' and the image of the interview is in our site.

I think you had clubbed two information in to one. The song which MSV got inspired from fisherman and the English movie is 'Vandha Naal mudal' and the story about 6 years and 15 minutes is the song 'athan en athan'

Correct me if I am wrong.
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PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2013 11:42 am    Post subject: Articles Reply with quote

Dear Mr. Parthavi,

Your observation on
"KallaiththAn , maNNaithAn KoichithAn, kudikkaththAn karpiththAnA"

draws me back to what I had read. Well, couplet is what landed on Kannadasan and M.Karunanidhi, who were hard-pressed for money; the two were travelling to Chennai from Salem by train. The two had managed to buy a packet of peanuts to eat, wrapped in a paper which carried the couplet.

In a jocular way MK suggested if K D can write a similar verse. It was brewing in Kavignar and came out as 'aththAn, ennathAn'. If my memory is right, KD has been requesting MDs to set some apt tune and that the lyric was waiting for a long time.

At last it came to MSV for tuning during 'pAva mannippu'. MSV too was at some pains to evolve a nice tune.

Be that as it may.

Just around this time, MSV while taking bath, inadvertently/ accidentally dropped the vessel ['Sombu' in Tamil] containing water;[ plastic mugs were unknown then] the vessel rolled over , each turn losing some water and what noise it made then became the base note for the slow gentle flow of Accordion notes that were registered by MSV on spool [ wet and water dripping MSV came out draped in a towel and immortalized the notes of the rolling of the vessel into a soothing note playing his harmonium; that note has no parallel to date. This I read in some News paper in 1960s and I have no clipping to authenticate it.
This incident shows how sensitized has MSV been to every sound around!
Thanks for the opportunity.

Warm regards K.Raman Madurai.
Prof. K. Raman
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VaidyMSV & Sriram Lax

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 28, 2013 8:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear all
While browsing through the Youtube and I landed in a Deviyin Thiruvilayadal song MAZHAI KOONDHAL MUDHAL MALAR PATHAM VARAI – BY SPB
I rewound my memories of the composition and recording of this song and other songs of the film .
I was lucky that the film producer was our tenent and the compositions happened at my home in my tenent’s portion , and I was fortunate to witness these compositions within 50 mtrs.
The moment MSV 5052 ,black Fiat reached my house ,I used to get a call , to rush back home and enjoyed these lively composing sessions by MM.. it’s a sight to watch , with Muthu ,his driver bringing in separable harmonium , and a pot of “seeraga vellam “
And the master settling with his troupe around him ,and lyric writer ,director sitting next to him.
After the briefing , the master will be fiddling with the chord , like a child , and then the flow starts ,to which only seasoned lyric writer can match (at times even the experienced lyricist cannot cope up ,like happened with the tune of Atho Antha paravai pola )
The songs for these Deviyin thiruvilaiyadal were by Vaalee and the director was KSG . so the whole place would get electrified with the interaction from Vaalee and KSG and their nostalgic memories .
While these 2 are discussing ,worldly matters in between ,Mellisai mannar , with eyes glued to the lyric , and fingers playing the harmonium ,used to get engaged with the combinations , and vaalee to make changes as and when its required .
This composition session – think lasted not more than couple of hours .if you hear the link , you can notice its lengthy song and with change in the pace .
After the tune was ready , then came the selection of singers ,and master’s choice was balamurali , but it was found out he was not in station .
The next choice went to Yesudoss(point to note here is , yesudoss , stopped singing for the master after Imayam , but still THE KING never hesitated when the name came for consideration and said OK , , but finally the song was sung by ever dependable BALU .
In the recording studio , balu was taught the song . Actually 2 songs were recorded if my memory serves me right .the first one was BY KANNAPURAM OORATHA.by PS and followed by this song.
SPB learnt it quick (blotting paper ) , as mellisai mannar always says and song went for recording take 1
The song was going on and cut came from the captain , and master;s voice came on air , pointing out mistake done by percussionist . master asked him ‘’if you have an instrument , it does not mean you can play whatever you like. do it right “
Those are the period where you don’t have the technology to do cut and paste , and hence the recording started again , and got finished in one stoke this time .
Before that MSv came out and made sure he got what he wanted not only from the person who erred but also string section too , and went back into the Recording room .
The second take was made ok , which you hear now .
When MSv came on to the mike and announced –“ all ok ,thank you “ –you can see the relief with every one , (it was 1 ˝ hrs behind the call sheet time donot forget recording went through whole day because 2 songs were recorded )
Even the minute changes ,M.M was able to recognize from the recording room , and able to point out exactly to the person –is some thing extraordinary .
This would not be a surprise for those who have heard TKR telling , MSv has the ability to identify the violin player who is making mistake out of any no of violin players .
Another gesture to follow by others (of course I have made it a point thereafter ) inspite of his tiredness , he never forgets to say thank you to all
AND we say BiG thanks to the legend (do not know whether this is appropriate , as every one now is called legend ,by media,especially TV producers
So sign off with this , hopefully will be back ( donot worry ……..not sooner

PS song which got recorded first
Best regards
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