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What makes MSV pleasantly different?-XVII

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 28, 2014 9:33 am    Post subject: What makes MSV pleasantly different?-XVII Reply with quote

Dear Friends,


Having so far considered the different aspects of ‘composition’ in movie songs by MSV, the perception takes shape if one considers the aspect – BGM through the length of the movie.

For the sake of clarity, I require to tell our friends that we are referring to MM’s skill in an era when ‘freezing a frame’ to stop or start afresh was non-existent. Also, MM has had the habit of viewing the movie just prior to Re-recording –a term used while referring to BGM. What is astonishing about the process is the ability to mentally recall the movie scene, compose scores and invite the orchestra to play those notes and signaling to perfection that just upon the end of the notes the scene or the sequence in recording comes to an end.

We have heard members of his orchestra say that MM mentally calculates the time over which a sequence runs on the screen, plans the scores, plays them on his harmonium, advises the sequence for instrumental play. Once the team is ready to play the notes, he quickly takes position in the theatre from where he oversees the recording and interrupts if any player of instrument makes a mistake.

All these happen as if the team has been at it for several sessions of rehearsal. But, it is done only at that moment.
What astonishes any one is the appropriate conceptualization of the music scores, his ability to precisely time the play of instruments to deliver an effect which emotionally integrates to the movie scene. MM is the very embodiment of music that things happen the right way every time.

Considering the intricacies of work, MM has never highlighted any of the ‘difficulties’ that he has had to face or surmount through his illustrious career. We are also, not aware of any huge financial outlay for MM’s recordings/ re-recordings along the then long-movies in Tamil film industry. I remember to have read that sentimentally, MM begins from reel number 5, his re-recording work. I do not know if this is true.

MM’s brilliance opens at the very first card on the titles, as he has to forecast the trend of the movie through his BGM scores along the title cards. With absolute control, MM has completed the title score to exact timing on 10 out of 10 occasions, as revealed by his team of musicians on various occasions.

Movies like ‘nenjam marappadhillai’, ‘nil gavani kAdhali’ had scores infusing fear in viewers; movies- kAdhalikka neramillai, uththaravinri uLLE vA, anbE vA had scores indicative of the movie’s trend. In ‘anbE Va, MSV used a ‘signature note’ for MGR which appears as BGM with MGR every time[unusual indeed].

In innumerable movies his re-recording simply lofted the spirit of the screen play and ‘acting’ to a new high. On the whole MSV is a wholesome composer par excellence to say the least.

While starting the thread, I never thought I would visit so many territories in MSV‘s works, 17 in all. Still, I cannot believe that the series is truly complete nor can I imagine to have done justice to MSV’s calibre.
Hope, it has kindled some spirit of exploration among our friends.
Concluded K.Raman Madurai
Prof. K. Raman
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Sai Saravanan

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PostPosted: Mon Sep 29, 2014 2:49 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Professor,
Breathtaking! The range and the descriptions provided by you... amazing Sir! Actually it would be never ending if we look at the sheer novelties and originalities in each one of MM's creations....
Waiting for more such ideas from you...
Sai Saravanan
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