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PostPosted: Mon Nov 26, 2007 5:37 pm    Post subject: NYANA OLI Reply with quote

Arunkumar ( Nadigar Thilagam ) realizes that he is getting cornered by his old childhood friend & now foe Inspector Lawrence ( Major Sundarrajan ), from whose clutches, he managed to escape 20 years before upon accidentally killing Srikanth who cheats his daughter Mary ( Oorvasi Saradha ) . Though Mr. Arunkumar today is a wealthy business man and who has rechristened into a new avatar , his past life as Antony haunts him . Arun neither could pour / express his affection openly towards his daughter Mary & her daughter nor he is able to get away from the vice like grip of Major whose sole agenda is to restore the lost pride of a sincere police officer. Lawrence sets trap & tries all ways and means to capture Arun. He tries even emotional methods to make Arun reveal the truth.
As Arun is caught in between the frying pan and fire, he screams loudly before The Christ seeking pardon from the only sin that he committed previously.

Devane ennai parungal…en paavangal thammai vaangi kollungal..
Aaryiram nanmai theemaigal …naangal seiginrom…neengal ariveer. Manitharulveer…

oh my lord.. ungal mandhaiyil irundhu
irandu adugal veru veru padhaiyil poi vittana !
irandum sandhithapodhu... pesa mudiyavillaiye !

thai madiyile mazhalaigal oomaiyo
sei uravilum ninaivugal mounamo
noi udalila manadhila devane
nan azhuvadha sirippadha karthare..
o....mangalum sondham thedume
immanidan seidha pavam ennavo
kavale satta veliye - un
padhaiyil pillai pasam illaiyo..

selvangal kuvinthadhu.. maligai vanthadhu
sevai purinthida sevagar ayiram
thedi kondadida nanbargal vanthanar
ayiram irundhum vasadhigal irundhum...
no peace of mind...


kel tharugiren enradhe neeranro
nan palamurai ketkiren tharavilai
en karunaiye thirakkuma sannidhi
en karthare kidaikkuma nimmadhi
o lord.. please answer my prayer...
kangalil kanneer illaiye
en ullamum idhai thangavillaiye
kondu va illai kondu po
un kovilil vanthu sevai seiginren

mullai valaithoru magudan aninthadhum
ani adhithoru siluvai arainthadhum
anru nadanthadhu avi thudithadhu
inru nadappadhu.. nenju thudikkudhu

The University of acting, Nadigar Thilagam’s cinema life is a fascinating one to study.The 70s were a period when he was running his third decade in cinefield & by then an uncrowned king of acting already having played a variety of roles , this Genius was the sole representative of tamil cinema when it comes to quality acting. This was also a period when many stage plays were made into movies. Personalities like P.Madhavan, C.V.Rajendran , Sundaram ( more popularly called as Vietnam Veedu Sundaram ) all utilized the peak period of NT to the fullest . A series of successful stage plays were made movies …. Vietnam Veedu, Thangapadhakkam, Gauravam all released during this early 70s. NYANA OLI was one such .

Nadigar Thilagam ( Antony ) who plays the character of a Church bell operator and also makes coffin boxes is a childhood friend of Major Sunderrajan ( Inspector Lawrence ). Both are being patronized by the Reverent Father of the Church . NT’s character is a pitiable one as he was someone who had to face sufferings, sorrows only all through his younger days but he had only one solace, his daughter Mary with whom he invests lot of ambitions hoping that she will become a Doctor someday and do good to the Village. But Mary goes wayward and falls in love with Srikanth who actually is a wicked guy with immoral attitude. Mary also loses her virginity in the process & when NT comes to hear this , he becomes crestfallen & tries to kill both instantly. However, better sense prevails in the form of Major who uses his finger ring and makes Srikanth put it across to Mary’s fingers and declare their marriage. But the cunning ways of Srikanth continue as he refuses to accept Mary. A furious NT gives a solid slap on Srikanth which results in instant death. While Lawrence chases ANtony, he manages to escape and flees . After many years, he comes back as Arun Kumar, a very rich man having earned mighty wealth through noble ways and revisits his village . The screen play also well captures images of various developmental works executed by ArunKumar in the form of hospitals, schools, welfare centres etc which were all the dreams of the old Father and asper the promise Antony gives to him at the time of death.
Arun also meets Mary who gets shelter from a Hindu Doctor VKR and through their efforts , her daughter also do medical course ( which Antony wished Mary to do ). All these years, Major continues as a Police officer but with a poor image that he let free his friend Antony. Hence, Major was waiting for the ideal moment to bring justice. Actually Major could not capture Arun directly as by now he had effectively covered up all his past life as Antony and has rechristened to his new Avtar as Arunkumar, a rich man , highly respected in the Society & a do gooder . Hence Major tries all emotional, psychological methods to make him accept the truth. Major as part of his ploy, agrees to the wedding proposal between his son and Mary’s daughter
Even while Arunkumar does so many good things for the village, his old friend & foe Major continues to have a watch over his activities & follows him like his shadow which irks Arun totally & it goes to such an extent that he becomes restless like a wounded Tiger. Arun feels totally insecure and cornered by Major whose dented career as a Police officer is now determined & makes all out efforts to restore pride and salvage his image.
A moment comes when an utterly frustrated Antony vents his feelings through a song which in my opinion ranks amongst one of Mellisai Mannar’s all time classics.

Nadigar Thilagam gives a wonderful display of acting prowess during the song ….the manner he walks majestically in the beach sands throwing his hand & the way he gives a measured step movements for the first charanam & suddenly throwing his both hands upwards while singing….Naan azuvadha siripadha Karthare !! One can also observe NT wearing a special attire , somewhat royal !

I wont be overstating if I say that this song is one of the most popular Christian songs till date in Tamil cinema. The Master MSV himself had also given a melodious Mannulagil indru devar ….later….IR’s Devan thiruchabai malargale is another noteworthy devotional song …

A superb orchestration work by MSV unleashing a wide range of instruments including vocal chords for a heavy Chorus , Piano, drums, bangoos, violin , rhythm guitar etc….

I presume MSV also must have used Church Organ in this song .

The prelude is a beautiful start with chorus taking the lead….

The interludes are heavy Violin downpour . The violin arrangement makes me instantly compare with Enge Nimmadhi , such a tremendous display . Awesome work by the Violin group !

A lovely tune ! Amazing tune setting again …. Pallavi set at mild tone ( as if the aggrieved wants to pray ) …as the song progresses, the charanam is a sensational high pitch stuff …. TMS virtually screams, shouts, laments, weeps, cajoles, argues …does everything possible to earn the sympathy of The Christ !! TMS breathes fire & lives like Nadigar Thilagam .

Who else could have delivered those English phrases better than TMS for a Sivaji Ganesan song ??!! Well, there is a story behind this also … Apparently, the core team tried various singers…. Joseph Krishna, Nadigar Thilagam himself & others while TMS was maintaining a studied silence. Ultimately, they went to TMS who delivered with aplomb ! I cannot imagine the success of this song without TMS . What a terrific singer we had those days !
This song has other merits also . Its one of the best picturised . Captured by the great P.N.Sundaram ( nicknamed Captain in film circles ). The highlight of the song’s picturisation was those shadows of thick clouds that pass eaxctly over NT when he finishes the first charanam, an amazing presence of mind and highly imaginative capturing of the available nature by PNS !
Just before the song, a superb shot showing the shadow of a Pon on the back side of Nadigar Thilagam as he faces some questions from Major Sundarrajan ( excellent presence of mind…. As if to show that NT is virtually under the control of Major ! )

The climax was very well screen played … Major summoning everyone to the Church and shouting loudly in front of the chief guest Arun that Mery is not a woman with good qualities… His aim is obvious …to provoke the erstwhile Antony and today’s Arun to confess the truth . NT bursts out in rage and finally confesses everything about himself and in a flash lowers his tone and pleads to Major….. Am I not your friend !!! please please…. An emotional Major hugs NT in tears which says all is well now ….. The movie ends on a happy note with NT going along with Major in a Police jeep exchanging some old events …….

One of the main highlights of the movie is the background music.. The movie also 2 more songs..… Ammakannu summa sollu aasai illayo …sung by NT with his wife ……Manamedai malargaludan …is an astounding composition…. terrific singing by P.Susheela….

Nadigar Thilagam at his awesome best in this movie. As I mentioned earlier, this early 70s incidentally was the peak period of NT as most of his movies were commercial hits / super hits. NT displays a variety of emotions…. As a rough and touch but innocent Antony , who becomes a kid before his mentor The Father, a caring husband, a committed and affectionate Father to Mary, a good friend of Major….. all these are the first phase of his characterization…
The second part is awesome display of a rich business man ArunKumar…. His walking style, attire , mannerisms , talking , etiquette…all undergo a total change….but his inborn qualities intact….that old simplicity of still having food in that mud plate…. The affection towards his Daughter when he meets after a long gap….the resumption of rivalry with his old friend Major ….the witty dialogues, the wry smile & stylish comments he passes when Major tries to steal a tumbler to get the finger prints of NT…

V.V.Sundaram is well known for good story telling, screen play and strong dialogues. If Guaravam , Vietnam Veedu were his forte, this movie was not far behind ….the exchanges between the Father and the NT / Major will be very emotional…. The dialogues between Major and NT will be ferocious & each one try to outwit the other….the exchanges between NT and Saradha will be very emotional …typical that of a Father & daughter…..

There are other small characters like VKR , Manorama, Srikanth who also play short but sweet part … The only irritating aspect is the so called comedy element from MRR Vasu which is very loud and seldom makes you even smile…

Major Sundarrajan, this man gives a befitting response to NT whenever they cross swords... such a very good character actor ...one of the pillars of the movie

Over all, a terrific performance by Nadigar Thilagam who dominates the movie like a colossus ……..
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