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PostPosted: Sat Nov 24, 2007 6:06 pm    Post subject: AADUMADI THOTTIL INI ( AVAL ORU THODAR KATHAI ) Reply with quote

MSV-KB combination , we all know was one of the very best thing to happen to tamil cinema . This association started in the late 60s and dominated the entire 70s. I would say this was as good as MSV-Sridhar pair . Both KB and Sridhar got the best out of the wealth of MSV’s music by giving some wonderful situation songs. The 2 Creative Directors also had one another common asset. It was Kavignar Kannadasan. Often Kavignar came out with unbelievable lyrics which will precisely bring the situation to book.

KB always made it a point that if at all a song is to be presented, there has to be a situation to justify.

I am planning to cover a series of MSV-KB evergreen situation songs. To start with, I have chosen this beautiful number from AVAL ORU THODAR KATHAI.

Kavitha, a very strong but emotional character portrayed splendidly by Sujatha . Despite having an elder brother ( JaiGanesh makes his debut ) , as he was jobless , drunkard and irresponsible, kavitha was forced to take up huge responsibilities to support the family financially . She goes to job and supports her family well. As she faces many tough situations, her behaviourral pattern undergoes a total change and becomes very tough woman to encounter with.
But she has an emotional side also. She knew the needs, expectations of every family member and ensures that they are all taken care of.
One such interesting character is played by SRIPRIYA as a widow & younger sister . While Kavitha is in love with Vijaykumar who anxiously waits for her to conclude on the Dday to marry her, Kavitha realizes that her sister is unable to control her natural emotions and as after all Sripriya’s character was very young widow. So she decides to sacrifice her love life and makes Vijaykumar marry Sripriya.
All these happen with mutual consent . As days progress by, Sripriya also enters the family way. KB nicely uses this situation and gives the incomparable combination of MSV and Kavignar to chip in… and that’s how this song AADUMADI THOTTIL INI appears midway of the movie.

Sung by the one and only P.Susheela who knows where and how to present an emotional song. PS will be phethora of emotions during each charanam as she displays wide variety of feelings ..... the first phase of the song , she shows the spirit of a happy occasion.... a wry smile & with sense of humour, she goes to the charanam as she gently takes a swipe at her ex-lover and now hubby of Sripriya Vijaykumar....and when the final charanam comes, she conveys the status of the sacrificial character, Sujatha and closes out with a mixture of happy and sadness .

MSV is quite aware of the situation & starts with a lovely flow of violin & rhythm guitar chords and also with some nice flute to support ( not to forget that triple congo )

The greatness of MSV's concept of orchestration is that he always maintained
the mood of the song even through the ludes, be it prelude or interlude.
This song is a classic example of his genius at work .
Observe the manner he has used Shehnai as support as and when needed to sympathise the plight of the heroene Sujatha. And also the occasion for which the song is presented in the movie . MSV can use Shehnai for any occasion. If you ask our friend Ramesh, he will give you a big theory about how he applied Shshnai for different situations !. For this song, Shehnai was nicely applied as something from behind type of instrument and used very mildly and gently ! That’s what distinguishes a genius from an Ordinary Composer.

ஆடுமடி தொட்டில் இனி ஐந்து திங்கள் போனால்
அழகு மலர் அன்னையென ஆனாள்
ஆதரித்தாள் தென் மதுரை மீனாள்
தேடுதடி என் விழிகள் செல்லகிளி ஒன்று
சிந்தயிலே நான் வளர்தத கன்று
உன் வயிற்றில் பூத்ததடி இன்று

மந்திரத்தில் மயங்குகிறாள் சந்தனத்தை பூசு
மல்லிகைபூ விசிறி கொண்டு வீசு
அவள் மணவாளன் கதைகளயே பேசு
வெற்றி மகள் கையிரண்டை பற்றி விட்டான் திருடன்
நெற்றியிலே திலகமிட்டான் நீராடும் கண்ணன்
அவள் நெஞ்ஜினிலும் திலகமிட்டான் காதலிலே மன்னன்

கண்ணம்மா எண்றழக்கும் பாரதியின் பாட்டு
கவிதயிலே நான் ரசித்தேன் கேட்டு
இதை கண் எதிரே நீ எனக்கு காட்டு

அய்யனுடன் கோவில் கோண்டாள் திருமகளாம் தந்கை
அடிவாரம் தனதிருந்தாள் அலமேலு மங்கை
அவள் அன்பு மட்டும் போதும் என்று நின்று விட்டாள் அங்கே

Audio link to the song :http://www.musicindiaonline.com/p/x/5JOgbdhye9.As1NMvHdW/

kavignar’s lyrics are immortal. See how he has captured the situation through some lovely lyrics . Sripriya’s marrying to Vijaykumar, her getting conceived, the function being conducted to celebrate happily the defining moment in a woman’s life and also the poor Kavitha character who sacrifices her love for the benefit of family , all get highlighted with a nice sequence of charanams.

The movie was released when Mellisai Mannar was at his very best and virtually 25 years after he commenced his musical journey. The movie and songs were talk of the town then. Each song was extentively analyzed especially Deivam thandha veedu ( KJY got a big break through this song and got a good recognition in tamil cinema ), Kadavul amaithu vaitha media ( SPB also got his due , singing for Kamal Hassan who plays a very good supportive role as a neighbour )

KB is a genius. Very few directors are so creative like KB . He was one of the few to touch that magical 100 movies . He was known for chosing controversial subjects and giving unexpected ending to movies. Many of his movies were / are still being critically analyzed. He was a definite trend setter and one of the architects of tamil cinema and who took the tamil filmdom to a new direction. KB had a wonderful support in the form of MSV, Kavignar, Ananthu, raghunatha Reddy and others.

KB's association with MSV continued for a very long duration with many memorable movies and songs. Each movie is somewhat unique and special and stood the test of times and even today, we are able to listen to them because of the very good situation presented , the nice picturisation , the mind blowing lyrics and above all, the splendid tune and orchestration by Mellisai Mannar MSV.

I suggest for our first year anniversary celebrations of MSV times.com, we request KB to preside and speak about MSV. Noone is better qualified today to speak about Master than KB. ( we all know about Sridhar's health condition now. If Sridhar is able to make it, it will be more memorable )
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 11:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

A superb analysis by the 'King od Analysts' S.Balaji sir.

Dear Balaji sir,

You always pick the songs, which everyone did not talk more. Yes, when talking about AOT songs, the first place they will give for 'Dheivam thandha veedu', the next for 'Kadavul amaithu vaitha medai', and ofcourse they will include 'Kannile enna undu' (by S.Janaki). But mostly not mentioned about this wonderful song 'aadumadi thottil'.

You brought this wonderful song to the light. Thanks.

You mentioned about Ragunatha Reddy. But he was NOT there with KB, when KB was in combination with MSV & Kannadasan. At that time the chief cinematographer for KB was B.S.Loganath (How can we forget his wonderful camera work in Ninaithaale Inikkum and varumaiyin Niram Sivappu). Ragunatha Reddy came in to picture only when KB was with IR & Vairamuthu.

As you said, no doubt KB was a trend setter and possessing creative mind. He will think everything in a different way. for example, just imagine how he will show the 'Idaivelai' (intervel) card in some of his movies.......

PUNNAGAI: when Nagesh goes for toilet, KB will bring the "TOILET" board to very close-up to the camera (without putting 'Idaivelai')

AVAL ORU THODARKADHAI: when kavitha travels in the bus, he will show (for Idaivelai) the advertisement in the road 'IT IS TIME FOR A COKE'.

NOOTRUKKU NOORU: for intervel, KB will show the card 50/100.
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Joined: 08 Nov 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Nov 25, 2007 7:07 pm    Post subject: YOU ARE A RARE GEM BALAJI!!! Reply with quote

Dear Balaji,

Another pick of a lifetime. Fabulous write-up about this song and you always catch us by total surprise by your unusual picks on some great songs by our Legends MSV-Kannadasan duo. As Irene pointed out, many songs of our Master are still lying under and it is only through people like you they could come out. Kindly pick on those for us to get enlightened more in our lives. Irene also pointed out certain rare ways of handling Direction by KB. Great going Balaji. You are indeed a rare gem for MSVTIMES.COM!!!

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Joined: 18 Dec 2007
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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 8:33 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

In addition to that the usage of Tabla in the first stanza
மந்திரத்தில் மயங்குகிறாள் சந்தனத்தை பூசு
மல்லிகைபூ விசிறி கொண்டு வீசு
and second stanza
கண்ணம்மா எண்றழக்கும் பாரதியின் பாட்டு
கவிதயிலே நான் ரசித்தேன் கேட்டு

Intha varigal kooda sernthu Tabla vathiyam romba azhaga varum...

MSV songs-la Tabla will always play a big role... Ithu ellarkum therinjirukum...

Some years back (may be 20 years) Madras DD anniversary function-MSV avargaloda light music. This program was a live telecast.

Appo oru Tabla artiste (Name theriyala) "Ennadi Raakamma..." padalai muzhuvathum Tablavil vasichar...

Maraka mudiyatha oru nigazhchi...
Meendum Santhippom Viraivil...
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