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PostPosted: Thu Jan 10, 2008 8:29 pm    Post subject: MALARENDRA MUGAMONDRU SIRIKKATUM ( KADHALIKKA NERAMILLAI ) Reply with quote

Cinema addict Chellappa ( Nagesh ) sets high ambitions of becoming a Director one day in life . He is very focused on cinema making & through out the movie, he talks, eates , sings, plays cinema only…He names his Unit as OHO productions…He even targets his rich Father and Tea Estate Owner Mr.Visvanathan ( T.S.Balaiaya ) and forces him to be a Producer . Visvanathan is a smart business man who always looks for some quid pro quo from whomsoever he comes across. One day , Muthuraman steps into his Bungalow under the disguise of a big time business wizard from Chennai and acts as Ravichandran’s Father to enable him get married to Balaiya’s second daughter Rajashree..
Visvanathan senses a big opportunity here as he goes all out to have an marriage alliance with Muthuraman . He makes Muthu stay in his guesthouse bungalow also … Meanwhile Chellappa is desperate on the look out for a good Producer ( SCAPEGOAT ) , he also sees a prospect who can fund his project through Muthuraman…however , all his attempts are thwarted by Balaiyaa…. But somehow , one fine evening, he manages to squeeze in and tries to convince Muthuraman through a dance sequence and launches his dream girl Heroine Sachu …..

And that’s how the song MALARENDRA MUGAMONDRU SIRIKKATUM starts

The prelude is a magnificent Piano-Drum-Guitar treat . The song straight away goes to 5th gear with razy drumming…. To me, its like a faster version of the prelude to Unnai Ondru Ketpen ….another magical composition by the Masters

The mind blowing interlude !!! Even while the lead guitar tries to barge in, the Yodeling guy over powers ….but there is a gentle Piano to complement which takes you to charanam….

Nagesh is a terrific dancer .....displays his dancing skills by stretching the legs to the widest possible while Sachu gracefully gives some twist dance movements…. The dance is being thoroughly enjoyed by the Old man Muthuraman who cheerfully jumps frequently and enjoys every inch of the dance-singing rehearsal arranged to convince the prospective Producer !

Seems like a preset meter for which matter has been given by Kavignar

The terrific piano work

Magnificent drum beats

The astounding lead guitar

The piano , with a small pause stretching the interlude …the yodeling again….. piano……

And when the Yodeling is given… a superb bass guitar runs at hectic pace to support …


Yodel is actually derived from a German word jodeln. In Western musical parlance , Yodeling is defined as a form of singing that involves stretching an extended note which rapidly and repeatedly changes in pitch from the vocal chord….resulting in a high-low-high-low musical wave...There is also a school of thought that it originated in the high altitude Alps mountain range as a medium of communication ……All these are evolutions.. This concept is prevalent in African countries & America as well .
So how does the yodeling is generated ?……All human voices are considered to have at least two distinct vocal registers, called the "head" and "chest" voices, which result from different ways that the tone is produced. Most people can sing tones within a certain range of relatively lower pitch in their chest voices, and then a certain range of relatively higher pitch in their head voices. There is often a gap between these ranges, especially in inexperienced or untrained singers. Experienced singers, who can control their voices to the point where these ranges overlap, can easily switch between them to produce high-quality tones in either. Yodelling is a particular application of this technique, wherein a singer might switch between these registers several times in but a few seconds, at a high volume. Going back and forth over this "voice break" repeatedly produces a very distinctive type of sound.Yodeling is less often heard in pop music and rock.

Amongst Indian singers, there can be no second opinion on who is No: 1 in this art….Kishore Kumar virtually patented this concept and extensively applied in Hindi songs …..Zindagi Ek Safar is just a classic example of his skills….Sung for Rajesh Khanna , this song is a craze in North India..

I remember Isainyani Ilayaraja once using this in brief for Keladi en pavaye for the movie Gopura vasalile, SPB gives a wonderful yodeling

MSV later experimented again for Kathalikka katrukollungal ( Deiva magan ) wherein P.Susheela does a superb yodeling

Again, in Vennira Aadai, for the song Alli thandu kaal…. There will be yodeling for Murthy..

For the song , Unnai Arinthaal - Vettaikkaran , ALRagavan gives a beautiful one for Makkal Thilagam MGR.

A re-visit to this Malarendra mugamondru song makes me wonder about the ability of the great 2 Composers MSV-TKR to unleash surprises time and again with variety of compositions…..
What made them to suddenly storm in with a bit of Yodeling midway of this song God only knows !

Kadhalikka Neramillai songs are eternal part of the MSV-TKR evergreen hits …Unforgettable songs …..

It was a pleasant surprise to see our Ram covering splendidly the same song from ROCK and ROLL angle ! Vow, the song has multiple dimensions !!

Lastly, the ever cheerful voice of L.R.Easwari and the terrific yodeling work needs to be complimented

I am afraid whether today’s world is aware of this song & its speciality …..the western concept being used ?? If it gets played in light music programmes or music competitions, definitely it will have maximum reach……
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Damodaran Pachaiappan
The Ardent

Joined: 21 Oct 2007
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Location: Ireland

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 3:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Mr.Balaji
Reading your piece was like watching the movie again! This song does indeed have multiple dimensions to it. It is the greatness of the Legendary Duo that incorporated so many innovations in just one song. There are several examples of a single song or a single movie overflowing with innovations to the extent that the masses took this for granted. All this during the time when other stalwarts (especially KVM) were also ruling the scene.
In the present age of mediocrity (or even worse! ) in the tamil film music (ob)scene, even if they could come up with a nano fraction of MSV' s creativity, there would be so much hype and exaggerated claims of virtuosity that the public would be hoodwinked into carrying these people on their heads!
As you have said, every song in this film is an immortal classic as is the film itself.
Please continue your good work.
With warm regards,
Damodaran Pachaiappan

But let us listen to the wonderful creat
Dr.Damodaran Pachaiappan
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Joined: 23 Oct 2006
Posts: 1160

PostPosted: Thu Jan 17, 2008 5:05 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Balaji....

Great description.... As doctor said, its really amazing how you bring the scene to the readers!

Great info on Yodelling....Please continue many more like this...

A fan of your writing...
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Joined: 11 Jun 2007
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Location: navimumbai

PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 7:33 am    Post subject: Malar enra mugam ondru Reply with quote

Dear Mr.Balaji,
Only now I happened to read your posting on this song from Kaadhalikka Neramillai. Absolutely fine observations on every aspect of the song and specifically on Yodeling and precisely how the effect is brought about by the practitioner. It is appropriate to recall that the impact was generated by Mr. M.S.Raju [Mandolin Raju]. During the making of Kaadhalikka Neramillai, the movie makers made it a point not to eek out / leak out anything to any medium. One can go on at length about this movie for its single feature "INNOVATION". If one spends time to analyse the different segments of both technical and administrative facets of Movie making, certainly K N is innovation personified. Look at the story line that steers clear off the then dominant Domestic themes.
Look at the dialogues that take a dig at some of the extravaganzas of Cine artistes like using the company car and yet claiming fuel charges, taking away the garments stitched for the movie and indulging in uncontrolled eating resulting in morphological changes with in a single movie and how the personal managers of movie stars keep the producers at bay and so on. More innovations came in other forms. The entire movie had to fight its way through the powerful influence of stardom over the general audience. The entire cast was free of any star images, yet turned out tobe a superhit SILVERJUBILEE [NOT IN WEEKS BUT IN YEARS AND HAS COME CLOSE TO CELEBRATE ITS 50th YEAR SOME 6 YEARS FROM NOW AS A 1964 MOVIE] Another innovation was to make it in Eastman colour employing the trusted Leutinents-Vincent -Sundaram as cinematographers for whom this was the I colour movie as well.
Look at the grand play of camera so much captivating and immortalising the Aaliyaar locales of Pollachi area [I ever cinema of Tamil to capture the locale] Remember how physically you feel as if travelling within the car of Muthuraman as he comes to Balaiah's place. BGM at that spot stays unconquered till the minute. Needless to stay the life of the movie was entirely the Work of VISWANATHAN -RAMAMOORTTHY. ANOTHER INNOVATION WAS, Sridhar invited MSV -TKR to Aaliyaar dam site to discuss some song sequences [quite unusual for MDs to go to shooting locales] and the MDs went there with Shankar and Ganesh also] Infact for the Nagesh's propsed cinema, Shankar has donned the role of MD in the name of KRISHNAGIRI KITTAPPA and wears a cap and plays a tune on harmonium] MSV -TKR literally innovated a new style of orchestration and brought in absolutely a new mode of composition that lifted the movie sky high by the sheer orchestration and BGM that played a grand boost right from the I title card of the movie. IT WAS A TREND SETTER FOR OTHER MDs TO CONSIDER WIDER USE OF MANDOLINS, DRUMS, GUITARS and BONGOs too. It was the I musical bonanza for a tamil movie entirely devoted to hilarious comedy. As one recalls of KN, 3 domains stand out. The Director[CVS], the Cinematographers [A.Vincent-P.N.Sundaram] and Music Directors MS VISWANATHAN and TK RAMAMOORTHY. Once again it was absolutely human effort all over with no gadgets likecomputer aided or controlled picture making. Above all, KN was the I ever Tamil movie processed by Gemini studios of Chennai when they launched their colour processing department in chennai after getting their technicians trained in London. Only Sreedhar took the bold decision to use a new lab [Gemini] for his First ever Colour movie setting aside speculations that movies cann not be risked with new professionals. But, the movie, the Producer- Director and Gemini labs cme out in flying colours emphatically. When ever I think of innovations I am faithfully driven to recall this megahit of our times -KAADHALIKKA NERAMILLAI. Thank you for the opportunity.
Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Navi Mumbai
Prof. K. Raman
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Joined: 08 Nov 2006
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Location: Madras, India

PostPosted: Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:33 pm    Post subject: STUNNING INDEED Reply with quote

Dear Balaji,

Malarendra Mugam - the song and your write-up both are as stunning as the song itself. Master pieces of a unique kind by you & MSV. Great stuff and the piano playing havoc all over the song......


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