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Joined: 11 Jun 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 7:30 am    Post subject: Enna paarvai - KADHALIKKA NERAMILLAI Reply with quote

Dear Friends ,
Being my 200th posting, I dedicate this piece to the entire crew involved in making the movie sequence for this song[Enna paarvai] in that legendary movie Kadhalikka neramillai. I desire looking at a plethora of combinations related to this item to respect all those creators. I would list a number of FIRSTS that make me salute all of them for such a wonderful product.
I try to look at the dimensions beginning from the point of view of lyricist and the MDs and then move on to the other firsts.
A grand movie that FIRST opens with a song which happened to be the FIRST duet song for the male singer KJJ and female artiste Kanchana in TF industry. Who thought of opening the movie FIRST with a lovely duet is a question, though the first such effort, it remainst the THE FIRST BEST CREATION that opened the TF lfe for those two artistes. As for Kannadasan, the lead line for Pallavi -ENNA PAARVAI UNDHAN PAARVAI turned out prophetic. How did he imagine that all these creators are going to have new "paarvai" for making the song? Because, V-R came out with a totally different scale and style of orchestration -The FIRST of its kind in TFM as early as 1963-64. To have thought of KJJ for Muthuraman was also a FIRST venture that made KJJ a cognizable entity in Tf. For Kanchana, the MDs used PS and rightly so. As for the composition -one word is enough "Amazing". The moment the song opened in that closed theatre, fresh air started blowing, lifting everyone from the seat floating for a while in sheer ecstasy. The orchestration had a variety of embellishments -quite meaningfully lavish sustaining the grandeur of each song. Sure the performance of V-R surpassed their previous achievements. [WHO SAYS WESTERN ORCHESTRATION CAME ABOUT AFTER "SOME ONE'S' ARRIVAL ? Ask them to listen this one number -undoubtedly the FIRST OF its kind for the instruments and an absolutely DEFT handling of them.] The musical score remains a real high order sweeping the audience to a new level of elegance.
The other FIRSTS include SRIDHAR and Co's grand approaches to picturisation. Creating a new style then, from drawn images the hero and heroine emerge as live images in stunning colour rendered aesthetically by A.Vincent- PN Sundaram combo as their FIRST COLOUR movie. Another FIRST was Kadhalikkanermillai was the FIRST COLOUR movie processed at GEMINI COLOUR LAB Chennai. Also it is pertinent to recall that the movie was shot only in Tamilnad locales and THIS SONG WAS DONE IN THE MARINA STRETCH ACROSS University of Madras. Creativity does not require Australia or Africa is the firm message that this song keeps conveying to date. Also Choreographer Thangappan had arranged a catchy dance -almost the FIRST of its kind in TF song sequences. Another FIRST was the use of a then novel car design where the CAR TOP can open or CLOSE DOWN at the touch of a button.The car was said to be one of the few in India [Registerd in Delhi and owned bya then TN minister Mrs. JOTHY Venkatachalam]. Needless to say that this - the very opening song made the right impact on the audience who enjoyed every moment of the movie totally fresh in concept and approach as the FIRST trendsetter in music-rich comedy in colour. Kannadasan had such a clear "PAARVAI" that he could conceive of a different "paarvai' from MDs and the movie maker-Director CV Sreedharand penned 'ENNA PAARVAI'
HATS OFF TO EVERY ONE associated with this grand project.
Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Navi Mumbai
Prof. K. Raman
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PostPosted: Thu Nov 01, 2007 12:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Professor sir..., What a coincidence between us....!!!!!!!!.

It is being my 200th post to reply for your 200th post.

Yes, it was the great Great Sreedhar, who showed the Marina beach location, more than a Singapore. What a compossing, what an eye catching Camera work. Eventhough it was the second song of KJY in Tamil (after Bommai), but first of him which impressed in the minds of Tamil fans. Who can tell it was the first movie of Kanchana, because she delivered her in such a way in that movie. (No doubt she swallowed experienced Rajashree in some scenes, in that film).

Some months back, when I was watching this movie in a theatre at Trichy (I dont know, whether I was watching it 40th time or 50th time). The movie already started and title reel already gone and this song started. At that time, some college students (new generation) entered in the theatre, and when they were going to their seats they were dancing for this song. Our 'Melody king' is ruling the minds of youngsters too.

The hall was fully packed, and there was claps for all songs. (remember, there was no MGR and no Shivaji there), so all the claps for our 'Mellisai Mannar' only.
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Joined: 18 Dec 2006
Posts: 418
Location: Chennai

PostPosted: Fri Nov 02, 2007 1:17 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Irene

Nice to see your posting on your pleasant experience in a Trichy theatre.

You missed the titile - even if you were seeing it for 50th time !

Dancing and clapping for all songs of the film in the jam-packed hall !
Thrilled to read such an incident. This sort of things do happen whenever a film like this is screened in theatres - but no one is coming forward to show such marvallous movies in Chennai theatres these days !!

As you have rightly said, the claps and dances are for ONLY MSV !!

I am delighted.


isaiyin innoru peyar thaan emmessvee.
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Joined: 10 Jan 2007
Posts: 772

PostPosted: Sun Nov 04, 2007 5:48 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Professor and Irene

First of all, my hearty congratulations for scoring 200 Very Happy

Second, Enna paarvai always brings back nostalgic memories of our ever favourite Madras beach and whenever we cross this particular area, we always remember this song .
What a lovely picturisation those days with limited technology !
The camera goes right on top before the lovers when they do a mini running cum dance and the camera simultaneously comes down !
Especially the crane shot right infront of the running car at the end of the song . The tireless camera never ceases to take a breath even for a second ! Superb work by Vincent-P.N.Sundaram duo.
Another feature of the song is that top opening of that Car which must have been very unique those days ! My Father used to jump in joy whenever he sees this song .

What a delightful music by the duo ! A movie with outstanding songs very rich in orchestration and which was originally proposed by Sridhar to MSV to produce but our man chose Kalaikovil is another story .

This great man Sridhar is a mystery man actually . The movie itself takes off with this splendid opening song . I think this idea must have been a thought process to make the audience to relax straight away and watch the everbest number one laugh riot .

The song seem to have been shot in the evening as the shadows of the lovers fall by the eastern side !! Wonder how the Madras beach so empty that day Very Happy
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