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PostPosted: Mon Nov 14, 2011 10:39 am    Post subject: KD-MSV VARIETY II Reply with quote

Dear Friends,
As a follow-up to children songs, I dwell on the fitness of lyric to bring out moments of mental toil of the 'on screen artiste'. A number pieces can be recalled, though I would restrict myself to a few for driving the points home.

'Sonnadhu nee thAna sol sol sol en uyirE' of "nenjil Ore Alayam"
has several vicissitudes involving KD and MSV as the two players on that occasion. When the song for this sequence was urgently required, KD chose to stay in an unknown spot defying all attempts to locate him. At last, unable to stand pressure from every quarter, MSV indicated the possible hideout of KD and the latter was promptly fetched for work. On learning the role of MSV in this effort of 'unearthing' KD, irritated though, KD revealed his displeasure with due respects to MSV as 'sol sol sol en uyirE'. No doubt MSV filled pathos by the flexuous tune and gravitating play of strings and percussion in a style absolutely characteristic of MSV.

'aNNan ennadA thambi ennadA' of the movie "Pazhani"
is another case of responding to personal emotions while making it apt for the screen. Look at how consoling parallels like 'pettai kOzhikkuL muttai vaithavan yAradA?' to indict the unyielding kin who were in no mood to help KD at that point of time.
'anbu nadamAdum kalaiKKodamE'
IS A PRODUCT OF FRIENDLY TIFF BETWEEN MSV-KD for 'avan thAn manidhan'. MSV has revealed that for several days KD was postponing the lyric for the situation; MSV had to repeatedly remind KD that the movie makers are to shoot the song in Singapore in the month of May which was just days away.
MSV's REPEAT-REMINDING irritated KD who reacted"ennada summa thondharvu paNra? IndhAda pAttu" Thus he came out with a torrent of charanams and pallavi all ending in tamil word 'may' portraying his spontanety and verbal command.
Also another MSV irritant brought forth 'vAn nila, nila alla' as a robust retaliation to MSV's call to phrase for the tune 'la lala la laa la' for "pattaNa pravesam".
Now -a-days movie makers talk of compatible chemistry between persons; But to me, this was the first ever technical pair of 'made for each other in every atom- why the broad chemistry alone?
So, friends add your observations to enthuse all.
Warm regards Prof.K. Raman camp; Navi Mumbai.
Prof. K. Raman
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VaidyMSV & Sriram Lax

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PostPosted: Sun Nov 27, 2011 3:18 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

dear prof

i have heard KD has the knack of converting ,the personal experiences into situatuin song
Yennai yarendru nee paarkirai - from paalum pazhamum - is after his first love (of course one sided )
ninaipathellam naadanthuvittal - when KD,MSV.CVS got struck due to puncture in car tyre thus got delayed to attend the function , that they were supposed to
once some one quipped' ninaipathellam nadunthuvittal ' , KD completed the song within the time of change of tyre .this i have read out a long time back .
Nallanthaana - was written when he wanted to enquire ANNA his welfare when anna cam back from treat ment since they were in politially in opposite camp .
of course , Anna seemed to have replied in a public meeting , UDALUM ,ULLAMUM NALLANTHAAN , indirectly refeering to Thillanamohanambal song
another one antha sivagami maganidam sethi solladi -when KD wanted to reconcile with perunthaalivar
sorry i have deviated from KD-Msv combo to rest . which cannot be avided when talking about KD ,

தமிழ் கண்ணதாசனுக்கு சேவகம் புரிந்தது
இசையோ தன பங்குக்கு எம் எஸ் வீக் கு
நாமோ என்றும் இசையாய் தமிழாய் வாழும்
இருவருக்கும் அடி பணிகிறோம்
நன்றி இறைவனுக்கு .அவர்கள் காலத்தில்
நம்மை வாழ வைத்தற்கு
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