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PostPosted: Sat Nov 19, 2011 11:13 am    Post subject: KD - MSV IV SEDATE SONGS Reply with quote

Dear friends,
The duo had come out with a range of variety literally unmatched by others in TFM. For the present, I choose 'Sedate Songs' as a genre and MSV has used all forms of voice in this endeavour.

'Pon ondru kaNdEn' "padiththAl mattum pOdhumA" TMS PBS
A calculated effort to blend the robust TMS with the low decibel PBS, churning out one of the best male duets in TF history. Once again kavignar narrates the story
'en vizhiyil nee irundhAi Un vadivil nAn irundhEn'
'nee indri nAn illai , nAn indri nee illayE' where life is pumped in by the terminal aha, uhum huhum as a passive admission of congenial brother hood. Do we have any thing to compare with from other stables?

'pon enbEn siru poovenbEn' "PolicekAran magaL" PBS SJ

One of the very early numbers rendered to absolute sophistication in lyric, singing and breath-holding orchestration without ruining the spirit of the song. Another KD-MSV feat in the early 1960s.

'Ponnenna poovenna kaNNE' "alaigaL" P J
Easily the best opportunity that showcased PJ's talent in rendering complex shifts in notes and orchestrated to the minimum entrusting responsibility to singer to drive emotions to the right scale.

'yAr andha nilavu?' "Santhi" TMS
If the grapevine making rounds [rather late] is any indication, TMS has narrowly escaped missing a golden opportunity; he was hesitant to accept the low decibel composition fearing that it may not hold appeal to listeners.But, MSV has firmly established his infallibility of judgement cajoling TMS to render the most sedate song in that part of his [TMS's ] career. Equally sophisticated was the 'new style' orchestration where only a caressing Drum did the trick of possessing [or pushing?] the listener slipping into the clutches of a nap.

'thEdi varum Deiva Sugam' "nimirndhu nil" TMS PS

Personally I have heard many expressing their disbelief about TMS SINGING THIS NUMBER. A duet where singing is low decibel and orchestration enjoying rapid Drum -Bongo beats with mesmeric flute play interspersed to elevate the mood. Much of the Drum work needs appreciation especially at the winding of 'sollaththAn vetkamadhu' and the subsequent rolling of percussion much like a rain torrent in the closing of the song.

'mounamEpArvaiyAl' "kodi malar" PBS

A song that has carved a niche for self purely on its strength of composition but not by the popularity of the movie. So to say MSV has moulded this into a package where lyric and orchestration are intertwined as to look inseparable.
Also two more numbers of SPB deserve acknowledgement .
These are 'kana kANum kaNgaL mella'
'angum ingum pAdhai undu' These have been set to suit Balu as at specific locales, the tune takes an uptrend to suggest the agony of eagerness. Both KD and MSV have visualized the life of the scene and handed down material worth its weight in gold.
Hope, I am doing a bit of mine irrespective of how our friends take these. At this point I am purely at it, as I don't feel like disbanding a mission that was started to highlight the prowess of the independently born twins KD MSV.
So friends, please add what you can to these perceptions.
Other items would follow in course.
Warm regards K.Raman Camp: Navi Mumbai
Prof. K. Raman
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