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PostPosted: Mon Jul 31, 2017 11:44 am    Post subject: A COMPOSER'S PERSPECTIVE OF A CREATOR Reply with quote

Dear All,

For a long time, all of us in this forum have been writing, discussing, arguing about various nuances of Shri. MSV's composing prowess for almost a decade. There have also been several interactions between us in and off the forum on the same subject. But what was very impressive and informative about Ramesh Vinayagam's perspective as a composer was to see them all coming from of the horse's mouth. I am sure many other composers have very similar or better inferences to share with about this great composer but withhold it due to "professional compulsions".

Yesterday, it was a virtual no hold bars for Ramesh Vinayagam who rattled out the colossal work done by MSV for the past several decades of which the pick of the evening was MSV's capability to churn out tunes (like an avalanche, as very aptly said by Ramesh) with no similarity and even if there were to be how brilliantly it was camouflaged to sound completely new!!!

Though he was very modest in telling the audience that he didn't prepare himself that well for this evening, the in depth analysis that he provided was of supreme quality and we were only too elated to hear it from him as a person who adorned himself the role of a treasure trove of invaluable information about MSV. What made the evening more proactive was Ramesh's pick of some of the finest songs (now this is what I call it the most formidable task) and how this Creator used absolutely innovative ways to compose and yet very cleverly avoided getting mired in musical grammar. At a time when the tinsel world was dominated by giants who totally relied on their classical knowledge, here was a man who not only redefined what composing is all about but set a trend not only for himself but for his contemporaries too! Ramesh was forthright when he said that MSV would want to use a raga wherever a situation or a lyric demanded it but was so unpredictable as to when all these would happen and happen if at all?? He was a true giant in every ways indeed and no wonder his music keeps us in sways even at this moment of me writing this post!

Ramesh then came out with the genres of music MSV created which have not only stood the test of times but were so unique that it became virtually impossible for every one (including all those, with due respects to them, who boast around displaying their Trinity grades, yet couldn't make any worthwhile impact on the listeners of MSV who have been so loyal for decades!) to copy as the compositions themselves had so much of hidden, intricately woven stuff all created in a jiffy!!!

I wish to repeat this statement of mine once again. The print media was always harsh on MSV those days not giving any accolade that he deserved the most over anyone else. But for his music, many of the films would have remained in their respective boxes and offices even today. As MSV connoisseurs, we have always felt bad about this gross injustice that has been done to him by people within his industry and outside too. But who cares, it is his music that rejuvenates every cell of our body and that we have no hang ups in screaming this out even from the summit of Mount Everest!

What made his music so special and so different? As Ramesh very rightly put it, his music truly came from his heart that had all the essence of emotions that humans go through day in and day out and how beautifully he created those soul stirring tunes! Ramesh also immediately acknowledged when I said, "MSV's music is like quick sand. If you are in, it is impossible to get out"! What more could be more apt and just to state that MSV's art came from his heart!!! How true and I just loved this emphatic statement of Ramesh that summed up the whole evening in smaller than a nut shell!

One thing I must say here is that we loved it and wanted an "All night Long" type evening but sure Ramesh Vinayagam left us insatiable but kept us craving for more. Thanks Bala & Ramesh Vinayagam for an evening that kept us in rapt attention through your brilliant analysis of Shri. MSV whom we all revere in our thoughts each day, each second. The organisers deserve a pat on their back too.

Long Live Shri. MSV and his Glory...



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