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M.S.Viswanathan - The name of the Musical Legend who completely ruled the South Indian Film music scenes in the 1960's and 70's. The name of the person who clearly extracted and portrayed the "Melody" from classical music. The person who has been composing for more than 5 decades. The person who introduced various Genres of music to Tamil Films and brought out melodies from those varieties too!

Biography section gives the picture of his birth, childhood, his music school, early days, his interests, his philosophies and the complete life history of the Living Legend.

Birth and Childhood:

Place: Ilappulli, Kerala, India. June 24, 1928. Viswanathan was born!  "Manayangath House", the name of Viswanathan's home and the initial from the father's name "Subramanian" and his own name "Viswanathan" constituted "M.S.V". Mother's name Narayani Kutti (called as Naanikutti). Viswanathan's parents did not have any musical background. His father's murmour of some popular tunes those times was the only music that Viswanathan was exposed to. With that kind of Musical history, how did the small boy tuned to be a composing legend, is still an aghast for anyone, who hears his story.

Viswanathan was as early as 4 when his father died of illness. Viswanathan was considered "unlucky" by his neighbourhood and other relatives, except for his grandfather Krishnan Nair. Frustrated because of the negative waves in her family, Viswanathan's mother decided to take a dangerous step. To commit suicide along with her son. On an early morning, she was standing on the shore of the pond in her village. Krishnan Nair's suspicion, when he found her daughter not be at home, proved to be true. He came to the spot at the right time, changed her decision, consoled her and brought his daughter and Viswanathan back home safe.

Early Music School:

He was eight. Viswanathan did not have a proper music school for a very long time, though the desire and passion for music was like a fire within him. The desire even led him to sell eatables in a Theatre during the interval of the movie. The reason for that was it will be an opportunity for him to listen to the film songs that will be aired in the theatre during movie intervals. Viswanathan was already living a life true to the line: "Palliyai Paarthathum Odhuguvom Mazhaiyiley". He preferred music than studies. But did not have a proper training, in-turn because of financial crisis. Monthly fee of 3 Rupees was too big an amount to afford. But he listened to Shri. Neelakanda Bhagavathar, without his knowledge, while he was teaching his disciples. The teacher realised the students musical interest and his passion when he lost himself in his singing "Viriboni" varnam in "Bhairavi" raagam, "Ada" Thaalam. The teacher was stunned and surprised seeing and hearing this. From then, the formal training started and it continued for four years which laid a strong music foundation for MSV. His Arangetram (the first concert) was received very well by the audience and they started believing that MSV had a bright musical future. It was on stage was when he was 13 years old in the year 1940 in Trivandrum, Kerala. As a young lad MSVís performance on stage was well received not only by the audience, but the leading local newspapers gave a wide coverage and accorded him due recognition of his singing talent those days itself!

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