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Sabesan, Ramki, Vaidy, Ganesan, Anantha, G.Jeyaram, Venky

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Andy, Sriram Lakshman, Babu, Mandaveli Jayaraman, Thiyagarajan

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"MSVTIMES, has exclusively been created with a lot of interest & enthusiasm attached to our Master Creator MSV's immortal music. I thank my dad (Ramki) for having introduced me to MSV's Music at my young age and I must mention here that, it is my dad's interest in MSV in turn is what that fuelled the interest in me to come up with this effort. The sole aim of this project is to propagate the Musical Wonders of this Greatest Living Legend to every nook and corner of not only India, but to millions of Indians spread across the globe to create an awareness and to induce the intetest in them to listen to his immortal works. MSVTIMES will also make every effort to create a network of rasikas throughout the World and inter-link them in order to listen, analyse, research & discuss about his music and share such informations which will live for generations to come. I take this opportunity to thank my entire Core Crew who literally stood by me at every stage of development of this site and also thank everyone who contributed their might for the successful completion and launch of MSVTIMES.COM.

This is just a beginning!"


Please contact the following numbers in case of any questions or suggestions.
Ram           860-713-4413          Hartford, U.S.A
Vaidy         98404-65633         Chennai, India
Ramki        93400-61252                 Chennai, India
Sabesan      98844-00954        Chennai, India
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