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NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI - Titles and make-up .

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 09, 2008 7:14 am    Post subject: NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI - Titles and make-up . Reply with quote

Dear Friends ,
Unlike in most movies [even on a global consideration] , N M stands distinct in the two features chosen now for assessment. This is indeed an arduous process since title can not be dealt in isolation sans its B G M . Since BGM [+ cinematography] have been Mr.Ram's pick for writing, now I have to do the present piece without large scale infringement into 'his' territory.
There is just no limit to one's delight if we manage to see the hypercritical attitude of the makers of this movie. The suggested exactitude begins as the very film opens with a blank screen [ actually dark ] with CVS narrating the press reports that prompted the venture of this movie in about a minute or so. Holding the viewer for a while in the status of a listener [black blank screen] is a well-thought out strategy of not permitting any deviation to the audience.
A brilliant strategy has been adopted for all the key title cards like the movie name, Director's name and a couple of others. In all these cards, the content is shown as 2 slightly out-of registration superimposed images. i.e., one of them is on the top layer ,the other as a slightly hazy figure at the immediate background. A beautiful way of linking the present birth to that of the previous birth. The letters are also not in solid writing but seemingly broken indicating the gap in historic chronology. Let us just remember there were 'WORD ART GRAPHICS' to serve these thoughts. Obviously the title card designing has received such a serious attention as to be relevantly suggestive. A movie of this kind rests heavily on audio-visual diet and it begins with the very fist card with a parallel relay race between the teams Vincent Sundaram and Viswanathan Ramamurthy
I don't mean a competition ; rather a relay of a team of 4 where one pair of the team hands over the baton in time for the other to give a grand finish. Well , the title BGM has been a moral lesson for any one who wishes to score for films. Simply the pallavi is instrumentally played by string or flute or violins in a very mellowed note respecting the status of Back ground music
Interestingly, even for BGM the MDs have used different instruments with only one category of instrument at a time and have achieved seamless fusion -a trademark of MSV. Lest I should be cutting into Mr.Ram's domain, I stop here.
Make-up for this movie [ Mr.Rangasamy and Mr.Badrayya] deserve unreserved admiration. Why, even today, Mr.M.N .Nambiar the villain of the movie has bot physically attained the wrinkles on his face as were conceived by the make-up technicians. I wish MN Nambiar enjoys the necessary span of life and tells the rest of the world that already the then primitive Tamil cinema has frozen my 'looks to be' way back in 1963. May we request him to proclaim to the world that technology is just an extension of the thought process. As has been posted by Mr tvvr, there were no predictions by computer morphing and the like. Yet, 45 years ago people have presented how this man would be after sixty years from then on. Even more engaging is the thought that the media did not even highlight the names of these grand experimenters. [Recently a popular hero of TF hopped between continents , drawing the best on the job on a global hunt for presenting the looks of old age. Obviously enormous money would have been spent on this singular effort. I am not decrying perfection, but lamenting that the due recognition was not accorded to our own people, who proved their worth in contemporary era]. Mr Nambiar added his weight to the character by contorting himself while still displaying the iron will of determination to upkeep his life's wow. The MDs immerse the closing moments of the movie into silence as Nambiar gets bogged into the irretrievable quick sand - a powerful BGM by silence !
Others please add your points.
Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai
Prof. K. Raman
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