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NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI - Songs- NenjangaL marappadhillai

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 08, 2008 7:48 am    Post subject: NENJAM MARAPPADHILLAI - Songs- NenjangaL marappadhillai Reply with quote


Dear Friends,
I personally feel that the songs composed for this movie were of a genre radically different from the then pateern of songs -not only at the level of movies , even among MSV- TKR products of the time. I literally grope for words since the way the songs have been composed by the lyricist -KANNADASAN and the MDs , have a special feeling of taking us to the period of the story brought on the screen. Could it just be the poetic elegance or the specially 'drilled' voices to exactly render the mood [bhavam] conceived by the Director or could it be by the exclusive style of orchestration for these songs.
There is a grand musical continuity to the plot of the movie in the sense that the title song gets played on various occasions when the nostalgic KalyaNakumar tries to figure out the now non existing events from the dilapidated relics -the old mansion with all its collapsed furnishings and faded wall paintings opening out the now 'carried forward' memories about his love.
The pleasantly disturbing element is the 'vapourised' image of Devika backed by the song 'Nenjam marappadhillai' played every time as a filler tune. I deliberately avoid calling it a repeat of the title song because, the song is NOT REALLY REPEATED. Every time the opening hum comes up in the company of strings played from a distant back drop , each time in a different chord arrangement. MSV has liberally and literally concealed the variations, letting the listener to 'believe' that the song is repeated. At best only the effect is repeated ! What a class MD the thankless industry has disowned? Certainly the loss is not for MSV / TKR as their songs stay, stay stay in endless eternity challenging such ingratitude to come up with at least a pale shadow of a similar number to sustain claims of innovation.
My recent viewing of the movie has given me the strong message that except for the musical impact be it from songs or BGM [Ram, please don't worry I wouldn't touch it.] the portrayal could have been impossible. As ever, an impoverished analyst of the category of mine should not venture into the domains analysis - a forbidden area for me. Yet, nothing bad would accrue if I merely narrate what comes as a response from those song situations. Here it is.
1. Nenjam marappadhillai PS solo mesmerism without percussion.

2. "" "' "" "" PS PBS different mesmerism with percussion

3. Thaenadi Meenadi TMS PS in gay abandon of sorts in rhythmic jingles
melodious lilt in this poetic lyric where MD reveals
musical poetry in voice embellishment. The beauty of this piece is its tune and orchestration that re-live the past of the persons concerned . Even beats suggest the antiquity of emotions.Oh MSV
who else but you, can do it?

4. MundhAnai pandhAda PS LRE
Oh what a rhythm ! This tune is richly folk in flavour and grandly deviant from rustic style. What a competition between singers among themselves and with the MD, who launches a controlled fight with them as a father would indulge in mock fight with his child. The song haunts you like a ghost .Please don't listen it until you can afford 2 continuous holidays when food woild come to your place.

5. Azhagukkum malarukkum SJ and PBS
The song literally takes us on a hackney[ horse-drawn cart] in an endless of flow of responsive emotions. The beauty of the lyric is every utterance invites a response commensurate with the previous expression; but the tune elevates the mood much like floral fragrance. It is a song for its cinematography - let us look up for Ram on this.

6. Nenjam marappadhillai PS PBS.
Appears at the nth occasion but in a different mold altogether in Pathos infused by slow and low delivery. Mind you, the tune is the same but the impact is not as it squeezes the listener in to a bucket of mIsery.

So friends, am I not right saying that the movie rests on the MD squarely?

Kindly add your perceptions to make this piece wholesome.

Warm regards Prof.K.Raman Madurai.
Prof. K. Raman
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PostPosted: Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:26 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Dear Professor,

You are perfectly right when you say that MSV-TKR's background score and songs played a very significant role in giving the real magnitude to the film !

I do not know how many times I had seen this movie for the Musical treat but still I feel I am yet to see a lot of it.

Wonderful writing by you on the unique-of-its-kind movie, as usual !

Pl go on , professor !!

isaiyin innoru peyar thaan emmessvee.
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