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PostPosted: Sat Jul 19, 2014 6:12 pm    Post subject: GOURAVAM-PART-3- STORY Reply with quote

Barrister Rajinikanth ( RK ) is a highly successful Advocate based at Chennai , known for winning cases from hopeless situations . He is admired and envied on equal measure for his success. He lives by the pride of having seen only victories in professional life and has a small family wherein Kannan is his adopted son ( brother’s son being brought up ). He moulds Kannan on the same legal lines and grooms him to be his worthy successor . He is absolutely dominant on Kannan on all aspects , including Kannan’s wedding and career aspirations. The Father-Son characters are diametrically opposite…..while Rajinikanth is an atheist , teasing his wife and son on religious faiths, also a habitual drinker , Kannan is absolutely devout and a disciplined guy with clean habits….All said and done, Rajinikanth never troubled anyone nor spoilt anybody’s life or career. He has his own beliefs and habits but he remains a lovable husband and a guardian like Father ….Having tasted total success in his professional career, at this stage of his life, all he expects is a Justice position which he considers it as a recognition of his achievements and contribution to the legal world….

One fine morning, he comes to know that someone who is inferior and not deserving as per RK’s assessment, is made Justice which infuriates him. As a sheer coincidence, there is a pending case before Sessions Court on an attempted murder by Mohandas on his wife who dies incidentally. While the case is defeated at the Lower Court, Rajinikanth decides to take law in his own hands and throws a challenge on the legal fraternity ( going by his belief that the Bar council didn’t recognise him for the Justice post and decides to take a revenge on them ) and destroys the case by clinically presenting lack of proper evidence and wins the case …..This creates furore amongst the legal forum though nobody could challenge the Barrister as he is a champion on such criminal cases……Kannan, though didn’t appreciate his Father’s approach on this case, still maintains a low profile and continues to assist him……RK also advises Mohandas to be conscious of his sins and asks him to make up for all his previous misdeeds by atleast prove the world by leading a second life with clean habits which Mohandas promises to ….

Mohandas decides to marry another woman and even fixes dates for the wedding and through his friend arranges for life insurance coverage for her…unfortunately that lady dies while bathing for which Mohandas gets arrested in view of his past record the main issue being Mohandas killed that lady for the purpose of getting money through insurance claim ……Pitied by his plight ( being questioned for no fault of his ), Rajinikanth decides to take up the case again but this time Kannan disagrees with him on principle and questions RK and tries to stop him…an upset RK asks Kannan to get out of his house which Kannan leaves , unable to bear the shock of his Guru and Father shouting at him , takes it on face value and moves away…..he gets support from the Bar council and they all successfully pursuade Kannan to be the Public Prosecutor for the Mohandas case …Now Kannan takes a conscious call to follow the path of dharma as against the wishes of his Mentor RK…. Kannan, by careful analysis of critical points and circumstantial evidence, pins down his opponent and wins the case against Rajinikanth who RK misses out certain crucial aspects as he was over confident and due to lack of adequate preparation…Even when Kannan throws a challenge by asking RK to seek adjournment for taking more time to bounce back , RK out of his pride decides not to seek further time and straight away cross questions all the evidences …the hearing gets over and the Judge announces a date for the final verdict…RK feels the heat and realises that the case is a lost one …..

His sky high ego, success and stunning victories behind him, Rajinikanth could not absorb the first loss in his career and dies crestfallen while Kannan rushes to share with his Father , the great news of RK being elevated as a Justice , the pivotal position which RK aspired in life…..
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 12:35 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Heart-felt thanks to dear Balaji for bringing this up.

I request you to do a character analysis of each of the characters in this epic movie !!!!

Time-Tested Success - Gauravam !!!

Gauravam - The Majestic !!!!
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Joined: 10 Jan 2007
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PostPosted: Thu Jul 31, 2014 1:35 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Hi Ram,

Sure. I will do it Very Happy
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