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PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:53 pm    Post subject: REFLECTIONS ALL THE WAY! Reply with quote

Dear All,

August 6, 2016 was yet another unforgettable day in our lives as the first year of post Shri. MSV's demise was observed with all reverence to our Master Creator. Indeed it happened to be not as a day to remind everyone of his physical absence in this world but more on the lines of celebrating His perennial presence within us in all our thoughts and deeds. What started on a little sombre note slowly assumed gigantic proportions to relive every aspect of the breathtaking, all pervading musical works of this Mega genius!

As an extended attempt of our invocation (BTW, innovation Thy name is MSVTIMES.COM) during which our anthem - Aayiram Karangal Neeti is usually played, we lined up a Christian devotional Kuzhalum Yaazhum tuned by MSV in the 70's to begin the evening which was remarkably rendered by Ananthu with our own Tabla Maestro Ganapathy making a rhythmic merry with his playing skills. Charles on the flute literally took us all back to that period too with his great playing perfectly assisted by Guitar Bala on the base guitar, Manikandan, Joshua on the keyboards, Joseph on the pads & drums. This is how the evening started as more people were seen trickling in.

Sriram Laxman, the hero of our proceedings (even this chap never gets old like our heroes of the tinsel world!) did a perfect balancing act between anchoring and rolling out stats on never before heard info on many of those songs and in particular the very close rapport MSV & PBS shared between them for more than half a century! Air India Venkatesh was roped in this time to deliver PBS's voice and he too did a commendable job. The songs chosen were once again from our repertoire of not frequently heard ones that left the audience craving for more!

Came then HMV Raghu, an authority on analogue recording, a man with impeccable, deep rooted knowledge on the Classical music, a recordist with a whopping five decade experience who created many "records" for many, including HMV synonymous with LPs in India! His inferences on MSV's knowledge on world music, his choice of orchestra, his choice of singers, his spontaneous creativity, his composing prowess, his instant changes on many days of post takes were rarest of rare wealth of information that we all gathered this day! The anecdotes dotted all over with heaps of praises on our Master with some lavish vocabulary floored the audience. I am sure his emotionally delivered talk would have opened up many eyes and ears which otherwise prefer to remain closed for reasons best known to them! I must also mention here that Shri. Raghu, 80 years young was there at the rehearsals too showcasing the involvement in this event! After all, they are all from MSV's school of thoughts and what else could we expect from them but, total dedication! He went further to disclose that a near similar December musical season be created to celebrate MSV's contribution to Indian film music with concerts all over Chennai! A thought I have discussed with many of our members originally suggested to me by Madan Bob years ago!

For anyone to do anything in a conventional way is no big deal. But it is the most unconventional way that needs all the talent and the imagination. MSV remains till today an undisputed Emperor in this arena. We show cased some of the usages of the guitar in all those situations and Guitar Bala delivered as expected. Even Thomas mentioned about the usage of the brass in many songs that one would either dare to or simply go the conventional way due to lack of creativity. But, MSV being such a gifted Composer Creator, everything came to Him the most natural way as He never fussed about anything around Him, ever! His music lives on and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn..........

Our pride Ananthu is a man for all seasons and all situations in particular. From being an expert in deciphering songs into its individual notes to arranging chords for the orchestra to extending a hand for any given challenge is his virtual forte. We salute Ananthu for being a great support in all our endeavours. Jayshree, Venkatesh supported by the entire orchestra delivered a high quality performance dotted all along with emotions that was thoroughly enjoyed by the people present.

Though we had done a similar event earlier at the Sivakami Pethachi auditorium in June 2015, this year we added a Brass section to ensure of the audience's delight! Thomas and Co surely did absolute justice to this day to be remembered with their complete dedication and interacted with the fully charged audience and played with so much of ease and commitment happily obliging to a many "once more" requests from the crowd that only wanted more and more! The medley unleashed by them was simply out of the world. Thomas also shared his experiences during his several recording sessions on how MSV was so adept to adopting to situations that changed the entire timber of the orchestrations done earlier! Need to say more on His instant creativity??

The grand finale was this particular piece from Ninaithaley Inikkum tuned by Shri. MSV after the song recording was over for this chart buster of the 70's! When Thomas narrated this incident to me during the rehearsal, I told him that this ought to form the last part to ensure everyone in the audience is left to weep and go with the thoughts of MSV lingering around them! Thomas not only made all of us cry but cried too in the process. A standing ovation was accorded to this Legend.

I have given a youtube link (uploaded by me today) for this one part alone where the Trumpet played it's respects to this musician whom we all adore day in and day out. Please be informed that this video has been uploaded only as a teaser as the event has already been covered by the sponsor to whom the rights have been given.


I am sure all of us at MSVTIMES.COM would strive harder in the days to come to propagate His musical works in all the possible ways of which the pleasure derived is absolutely unmatched by anything in this world! I wish to thank all my brothers in arms for being a great support in this journey that truly "REFLECTED" our love and affection to this one man who is in our thoughts at all times of our life!!!



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