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Personalities Speaking on MSV

"I place all my fame under MSV's feet!" - Maestro Illayaraja

Illayaraja, one of the successful successors of MSV in the Tamil Film Music, has a great regard and respect for MSV and his Music. "MSV has the capability to judge the talent of a musician just by looking at that person. The only reason for this is the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi, is fully showered on him. Wow! In how many songs has he melted my heart; Made me lose myself; Each song of his is a Gem, a Diamond, a Ruby; Just listen to the songs like "Athhan, Ennathhan...", "Iravum Nilavum...", "Nenjam Marappadhillai...", "Nilave Ennidam..."; And many more like this; A song should tie lives together; Or it should make one feel that it is related from the previous birth; Or it should leave him with a question. 'How is it possible like this?'; What can I give back to this man for filling my ears and heart with his music. Whatever I try to give him as a fee, it will be be short of what he deserves. I stand like a poor left with nothing to give to Annan MSV, what he derserves; I can do one thing; If there is any that I have gained or earned so for through my music, I place the fruit and fame under MSV's feet and respect him; This is the only fair thing I can give him!" exclaims, excited Raja!

"What I'm today, is because of MSV!" - Vaali

"MSV laid a foundation which is the reason for my successful career as a lyricist, till today; I've never forgotten this nor hidden this; If MSV discovers that a poet has a 'fire' within him, he will go out of his way to recommend the lyricist to others in the industry; On Jan 1, 1963 I did not have money for food; I then joined MSV; On 31st of the same month, I did not have time to have food!" says Vaali, leading lyricist in Tamil Films.

"I've learnt a lot from MSV!" - Naushad Ali

A great composer in Hindi, Naushad Ali, asserts the fact that MSV is a Melody King. "All his tunes have life in them. MSV has given me the status of "Guru", owing to his open-heartedness. This shows his great character. But the fact is I only learnt a lot from him. His tunes bestowed enthusiasm in me". Naushad was surprised by the speed of MSV's re-recordings. After seeing his recording, "for this piece, I would have taken 3 full days. How come you are able to produce music with such a speed and quality?!", praised Ali, giving a big hug to MSV.

"MSV's Re-recording Achievement is Simply Superb!" - S.P.Muthuraman

Exclaims SPM one of the leading directors during 70s and 80s in Tamil Film Industry.

"MSV is a Music Ocean!" - Vani Jayaram

The respect that the play back singer, Vani Jayaram has on MSV is not usual or normal. "I listen to MSV's music right from my childhood. For my first concert in 1973, MSV presided over the function and praised my music. Later I felt immense happiness in singing in MSV's orchestra. He is a Music Ocean. While composing tunes overflow one after another, leaving us in astonishment; MSV's name is something to be engraved in gold, in the history of Film Music!" says Vani, who always worships MSV's photo, before starting for a recording.

"I will fall flat if I hear MSV's name" - Y.G.Mahendran

Actor and Dramatist, Y.G.Mahendran is a violent fan of MSV. Once in an interview he told that his greatest past-time is humming and whistling MSV's tunes. He regularly conducts programmes on old songs, specifically MSV's songs. These are the words from him: "I will fall flat if I hear two names in this world. One is "Nadigar Thilagam" Sivaji Ganesan and the other is "Mellisai Mannar" M.S.Viswanathan!"
Naushad Ali
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