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Personalities Speaking on MSV

"He is a Creative Genius!" - Banumathi

Thus describes the Actress-Dancer-Singer, Banumathi on MSV, in five words.

"MSV's music will live forever!" - Gemini Ganesan

"Kadhal Mannan" (King of Romance) Gemini Ganesan describes MSV's Music as "a Music from the divine person, Naradhar himself. His compositions will be heard and enjoyed forever!". Gemini loved to call MSV as "Mamanaar" (father-in-law). He will always will be kidding MSV as, "if you've had another daughter, I would have married her!"

"I've lost my heart to MSV's songs!" - Sivakumar

A notable actor who has a great regard on MSV is Sivakumar. He becomes so excited when he hears the name "MSV". "I enjoyed film music right from my Arts College days. Especially, I've lost my heart to MSV's songs. I've cherished the wonderful songs like "Sonnathu Needhana...", "Mana Nattiya Medayil Aadinen...", "Thanga Ratham Vandhadhu Veedhiyile..." etc. I've never thought that I will be an actor in the film industry and move with great people like MSV. Its not too much to say that my acting was able to shine well many a times, because of MSV's music!" exclamates this artist-actor. "Uyarntha Manithan", "Paal Kudam", "Agni Saatchi", "Sollathan Ninaikiren" are some of the notable Sivakumar movies for which MSV has composed music. Recalls his "Agni Saatchi" days. "One may have a doubt whether any musician could compose tunes for prose-like poetries. MSV proved he can do even that!" He further adds "MSV never had ego; He never lets success go to his head; He has a great sense of humour. Moves jovially with anyone. I am proud of MSV!". Thus Sivakumar gives many dimensions to MSV's music and his personality.

"There is no Tamil Film composer without MSV's influence" - A.R.Rahman

A.R.Rahman, who defined the next generation of music after MSV and Illayaraja, expressed a sentiment at his concert in Singapore. "There is not one composer in the Tamil film industry today, who has not been influenced or inspired by the music of the 'Mellisai Mannargal' ". In another occasion, at the felicitation function for Viswanathan and Ramamoorthy, "MSV started a trend, followed by Illayaraja and I took it my way. But for MSV we all would not be here. MSV still appreciates good music and other musicians in the industry. This is a quality that has to be learnt for life!", Rahman said, following MSV's appreciation - "A Novelty Work" - for the re-tuning of "Thottal Poo Malarum" song for the film "New". Rahman had been a keyboard player in MSV's orchestra and his keyboard talent was greatly appreciated by Ramamoorthy on the same occasion. "Vanjam Illama Parattanum!" (Appreciate whole-heartedly) has always been a motto for MSV, who has sung in Rahman's numbers from the films "Sangamam" and "Kannathil Muthamittal".

"When it comes to music, its MSV for me!" - Sathyaraj

"When it comes to acting, I'm a great fan of MGR; Likewise when it comes to music, I'm a great fan of the "King of Melodies", M.S.Viswanathan and I'm proud to say so." affirms actor Sathyaraj. "It was the year 1969. MGR's film 'Nam Naadu' and Sivaji's 'Sivandha Mann' was released at the same time. Both the movies had great expectations among the people. I was then a student of Government Arts College, Coimbatore. During film titles MSV will receive a great applaud and claps from the audience as the names of 'MGR and Sivaji' on the screen. MGR's song 'Ninaithathai Nadathiye Mudippavan Naan...' and Sivaji's song 'Oru Raja Rani Idam...' had a tough competition to become the 'Most Requested' song of the season. Composing songs for the two matinee idols at the same time lies the greatness of MSV!". MSV has composed Sathyaraj's movies like "Dravidan" and "Engiruntho Vandhan". He adds more. "I was acting with MSV in the movie 'Mr.Naradhar'. I used to praise his music during break-times. But he will have praises for other Music Directors like G.Ramanadhan, K.V.Mahadevan, Illayaraja, A.R.Rahman and their music. It very rare to see an artiste praising the seniors and the juniors in the industry. MSV does that! Kannadasan's words: "Naan Nirantharam Aanavan; Azhivathillai; Endha Nilayilum Enakku Maranam Illai. (I'm permanent; I can't be destroyed; In any condition, there no Death for me). Its my opinion that Kannadasan wrote these words for MSV too!" says Sathyaraj, with pride.

"MSV revived Film Music!" - Kamal Hassan

"Universal Hero" Kamal Hassan has a high regard for MSV's musical talents. "Right from my childhood, MSV's melody has filled my ears and breath; Unlike Bharathiyar and Bharathidasan, three people whom I like, have got their due credits for their talents during their life-time itself. They are "Nadigar Thilagam" Sivaji Ganesan, "Mellisai Mannar" MSV and "Isai Gnani" Illayaraja; MSV revived film music through new trends in melody and tune. Its mystry that MSV still lives as a child at heart. He is a great legend in music!"

"MSV's friendship is a pride for me!" - Cho

Actor, Dramatist, Journalist, Advocate - Cho Ramaswamy is an ardent fan of MSV. "MSV is a child; But when it comes to Music this child will become a Giant; Let his  unmatchable service to Music as a Musical Legend, continue forever, by God's grace!", adds Cho.
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