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Outstanding Credentials Of MSV:

1. MSV was the first Music Creator to have brought stage performance (performing cine music on stage) in India way back in the 1960s.

2. Composer for the Tamil Thaai Vaazhthu (Praise on Tamil Goddess) - the Official Anthem of the State Government of Tamil Nadu, played in all public meetings, schools etc.
(The words are penned by Manoonmaneeyam Sundaram Pillai and it starts like "Neerarum Kadalutha....")

3. Only Music Director from South India, whos compositions have been included in the musical subject of World renowned Harward University, USA.

4. Co-founder of IPRS - Indian Performing Rights Society, along with Naushad Ali, M.B.Sreenivasan, Kannadasan with the sole objective to ensure royalty for the musicians / performers.

5. Only Music Director in India to have sung for other Music Directors like V. Kumar, Shankar Ganesh, Ilayaraaja, AR Rahman, Gangai Amaran & Deva.

6. Only Music Director to have sung individually well over 500 songs in all languages (including film & non-film songs)

Rare Credentials Of MSV:

1. Record breaking performance in the music industry for well over 5 decades (only Music Director India)

2. Only composer in India to score music at the age of 78, to actively continue to perform on stage also across India, with same enthusiasm, in music too.

3. Non - film albums scored by MSV more than 50 in Tamil.

4. Apart from movies, MSV has scored songs for political campaigns, soul stirring songs for many major religions and many languages in India and have worked with many leading classical musicians in India.

5. Though a fore-runner in music, MSV has acted in many Movies, appeared in programmes on Indian Television (Doordarshan), other commercial TV channels, Tele Serials.

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