Famous sayings of MSV's

"Irakkum Manithargal; Iravaa Paadalgal;"
  Mortal Men; Immortal Music;

"Melody'il Oru Thuli Sogam Irukkum;"
   Melody will have a tinge of lingering sorrow in it.

" 'Illai' Endra Naal Illai; 'Innum' Endra Aasai Illai;"
   Never had a day in my life, left with 'Nothing';
   Never had a day in my life, wanting for more;

"Oru Kalaignanukku Sangeethamum Mukkiyam; Ingeethamum Mukkiyam;"
  Music and Manners - both are essential for a Musician;

"Sangeetham Ennum Saagarathil Naan Oru Siru Thuli;"
  I'm a small drop in the ocean of Music

"Janathipathi Award Vendam; Jananga Award Pothum;"
  I rate People's Award, higher than President's Award;

"Paattil Meter'um Venum; Matter'um Venum;"
  For a song, both Lyrics and Music, is important;

"Mettukku Paattu; Paattukku Mettu"
  Lyrics for a Tune; A Tune for Lyrics;

"En Vetrikku Karanam Enakku Amaintha Koottani"
  I attribute my Success to Team Work;

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