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This section has exclusive articles written by Fans of MSV. Each article gives a different perspective of MSV from the fans and this will clearly depict how MSV has influenced his Fans in many ways!

   Notes From Babu's Music Diary - By Babu

   Babu is a "die-hard" Fan of MSV who listens to "Only" MSV's music. Once Visweswaran (Santoor Player) fondly described him as "MSV Theeviravaathi" (MSV Terrorist), hearing about his level of interest on MSV. In this section Babu wonders at the "Musical Prowess" of MSV and his experience with MSV and his music, in his own life!

   My Music Man MSV - By Vaidy 
NEW !!! (Part 2 added)

   Vaidy, a total MSV activist, is the "MSV Patriot" of MSVTimes. He finds immense pleasure in listening and conversing about MSV's music. Vaidy has contributed greatly to MSVTimes through his video collection. His audio collection - "My Strings Man", "My Guitar Man", "My Brass man", "My Drums Man" etc is an extensive collection of audio clips from MSV's songs. "My Music man" is the expression of his 'MSV experience'!

SL Writes - By Sriram Lakshman (Coming Soon)

   Sriram Lakshman is a MSV Analyst. His wide knowledge in music is a great source of information on MSV's musical varieties. He has done a deep research in many aspects of music in general and MSV's in particular, in terms of chords, genres, arrangements, instrument usage, raagas and many more. Another interesting point is his penchant towards lyrics and lyric arrangements in songs (Santham). SL Writes is a section to know MSV in many perspectives!

   MMM - Mesmerising Mellisai Mannar - By Ramki

   Ramki is a great MSV lover. His day starts with MSV's music. His joy and experience when listening to MSV's music is boundless. He has travelled to many places across the world and hence is a wide listener of music. He appreciates good melodies from any music or musician, but strongly believes that MSV is the BEST, any time. MMM is Ramki's entycing experience with MSV, his songs and his music!

Stats - By Sabesan (Coming soon)

   Sabesan is the "Lt.General" for MSV Times owing to his extensive knowledge in Music and his friendship with MSV for decades together. His information on MSV is absolutely tremendous which includes his rare compositions as well. A literal "Databank" or "Encyclopedia" of MSV and a great inspiration for MSVTimes. "Stats" section by Sabesan gives exclusive statistics of MSV's musical achievements!

   Melody's Synonym Viswanathan - By Ram   

   Ram is the moderator of MSV Times and he is a Mridangist and Music Buff. In this write-up, he tries to bring-out some outstanding and unique characteristics of MSV's music through an exclusive analysis!

   Thirai Isai Vithaga Chithar MSV - By Jayaraman

   Jayaraman is based out of Mandaveli, Chennai. He has been a great follower of MSV. He is one such gifted and rare souls to see many of MSV's recordings live! Not only recordings, he is a proud fan to spectate all of MSV's stage programmes and collect articles on MSV from any magazine. This writing brings in new dimension to MSV's music!

   Musical Saint Viswanathan - By Venky

   Venky is a college pal of Ram and they both find a great pleasure discussing on MSV's music. He (once) was a mandolin player. He has a great interest towards instruments and its usage. This writing by Venky gives an insight about MSV as a Musical Saint. A soulful article!

   The "MSV" Experience - By Andy    
New!!! (Part 1,2,3 added)

Andy is a great fan of MSV and he has the habit of taking notes in a concert/event. As a result of this MSVTimes got great writings from this fan. In his writings he shares his "MSV" experiences.MSV
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