The 'Fan Club' section of MSV Times is more of Analysis and Research of MSV's Music. 'Music Research' is for analyzing MSV songs and his other re-recordings. 'Fan Writings' is an special section that will feature exclusive articles and write-ups by the fans. 'Vazhthu Madal' will have Praise Poetry written by Ram on MSV. 'Raagas' is Indian Classical section, which tries to indentify the Ragas of MSV's songs. MSV Club is the Elite community of MSV Fans. Any one can join this group - All you have to do is, just be a fan of MSV. Thats it!

Each links in 'Fan Club' section will be an experience!

Fan Club

Music Research, Analysis, MSV Club
Research on MSV's Music
Articles written by Fans of MSV
Praise Poetry on MSV
Indian Classical Music
The Elite Club of MSV Fans

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